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Kentucky Diabetes Education & Classes:

Location:  Carroll County Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky
Details:  Diabetes Support GroupUniversity of Kentucky Pilot - Managing Your Diabetes
Registration:  None

Location:  Diabetes Education, Ashland, KY
Details:  Individual and class sessions. Adult and juvenile support group. Doctor's referral requested.
Registration:  Call 606-833-0168

Location:  Diabetes Care Center
Details:  individual or group is available
Registration:  Call 270-251-4372 for an appointment or visit our website at

Location:  1594 Harrodsburg Road Lexington, KY
Details:  Comprehensive Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Program. We also provide Pre-diabetes and PCOS education. Call us for details.
Registration:  Call for information 859-313-2958

Location:  Murray-Calloway County Hospital's Center for Health and Wellness Education Classroom
Details:  Our Center for Diabetes program is Recognized by the American Diabetes Association and covers all content areas required by ADA.
Registration:  Pre-registration for the class is required and individual education sessions are by appointment only. Call (270) 762-1806 or 1-800-822-1840, ext. 1806 to register!

Location:  42 S Penn Ave Eminence KY 40019
Details:  All aspects of diabetes education and management
Registration:  Call for appointment 502-845-4217

Location:  Located in pharmacy
Details:  One on one diabetes education. Review all diabetes basics. Design individualized nutrition and exercise program. Can also help save money on glucometers and medications.
Registration:  Call pharmacy 859-291-8665 to schedule an appointment

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