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Difference Between Type 1 vs. Type 2 Diabetes
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Exercise Five Times Per Week?
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Food Label Reading
Food Tips to Control Blood Sugar
Genetics Hereditary Risk for Diabetes
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How Did I Get Diabetes? (General Risk Factors)
How Did I Get Type 2 Diabetes? (Type 2 Specific)
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Medications for Diabetes... How do the work?
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Treatment for Diabetes
Will I Always Have Diabetes?
Weight Loss (What Affects It?)
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Body Calculator

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Christine Carlson, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE
A1c:  What should my A1c level be?
Alcohol:  Can I have wine with dinner?
Apple:  How many sugars are in an apple?
Carbohydrate:  Carbohydrate or calories?
Chromium:  Should I be taking Chromium?
Dining Out:  We eat out a lot could you give us some suggestions for Japanese and Chinese?
Dreamfields Pasta:  How does Dreamfields pasta count carbohydrates?
Fiber:  Which items are the best for fiber?
Flax:  Should I add ground flax seed to my meal plan?
Food Exchanges:  Can you explain food exchanges?
Frozen Shoulder:  Do my symptoms sound like frozen shoulder?
Fruit:  What is the difference between canned and fresh fruits?
Fruit Juice:  What can I drink instead of water?
Fruit Sugar:  Which fruits would be a better choice for me to eat?
GlucoMenu®  What is GlucoMenu?
GlucoMenu®  I'm trying to lose weight... what is the lowest calorie level?
GlucoMenu®  Menus for every season?
Glucose Test:  My glucose tolerance test was at 105 - how high/low is that compared to acceptable levels?
Gluten:  Should I be eating gluten free products?
High Blood Sugar:  My blood sugar levels have been running between 475 to 575.
Hunger:  What do you advise when I find myself, always, hungry and most of the time ravenous?
Margerine or Butter:  Why unhealthy margarine instead of butter?
Nuts:  What kind of nuts should I buy?
Olean:  Where I can buy Olean and what brands of food have it?
Pre-Diabetes:  What are Pre-Diabetes lifestyle changes?
Pre-Diabetes:  Newly diagnosed w/ Pre-Diabetes... where do I start?
Pre-Diabetes:  Do people with Pre-Diabetes have the same symptoms as those with Type 1 and Type 2?
Snacking:  How do I avoid overeating when I'm bored?
Stevia:  Are Stevia sweeteners safe for someone who has diabetes?
Sugar Alcohol:  What is the difference between sugar and sugar alcohols?
Tomatoes:  Will tomatoes cause an increase in blood sugar levels?
Type 2:  What should I do if I've just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?
Weight Loss:  How do I lose weight?

Contact Us:
Contact Us

Education (Diabetes Educators throughout the U.S.)

I am a Diabetes Educator, add my contact information to GlucoMenu®

Diabetes Education Additions to GlucoMenu®
Alabama - Diabetes education classes, day & evening
Alaska - Diabetes education by appointment
Arizona - ADA recognized diabetes education
Arkansas - Diabetes classes & one on one
California - Diabetes classes small groups ADA certified program
Colorado - Diabetes classes ongoing ADA certified
Connecticut - Medicare and most insurances accepted
Florida - Many classes and diabetes programs offered
Georgia - Comprehensive diabetes programs
Hawaii - Individualized one on one diabetes education ADA recognized
Idaho - ADA recognized program
Illinois - Diabetes support group & one-on-one sessions
Indiana - Diabetes support group
Iowa - Small group with individualized assessment
Kentucky - Individualized one on one diabetes education
Louisiana - Diabetes Self Management Education Program DSME
Maryland - 10 hours diabetes self management education
Massachusetts - Diabetes Education
Michigan - Individualized instruction
Minnesota - Diabetes education groups
Mississippi - ADA Recognized Program
Missouri - Individualized nutrition counseling & diabetes education
Nevada - Diabetes in general (meters, nutrition, exercise)
New Jersey - Diabetes education and nutritional counseling
New Mexico - ADA recognized program, Diabetes Self Management
New York - Diabetes support group, Diabetic Education classes
North Carolina - Meal planning, complications, medications
Ohio - New Technology/Insulin Pump/Glucose Sensors
Oklahoma - Four, two hour classes conducted monthly
Oregon - American Diabetes Association Recognized Program
Pennsylvania - ADA Recognized Program
South Carolina - Meal planning, exercise, foot care, monitoring
Tennessee - ADA recognized programs
Texas - Weight management, meal planning, ADA recognized program
Utah - Diabetes and Nutrition Education
Virginia - Dietitian, nurse, trainer, supermarket class
Washington - Indivualized nutrition counseling and diabetes management
West Virginia - Comprehensive diabetes classes
Wisconsin - Diabetes education by appointment
Wyoming - Diabetes education and suppor group
Outside the U.S.
Mexico - Especialmente para diabeticos que usan insulina

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New Research:
Net Carbs - Healthy or Hype?
Diabetes Exercise Update
Criteria for Pre-Diabetes Updated
Minimum Carbohydrate Recommendations
Study Shows Exercise Extends Life for those with Diabetes
Latest Diabetes Statistics (e.g. 49% take oral meds.)
Diabetes Study - Benefits of Tight Blood Sugar Control
Diabetes Risks Indicated by the ADA
Exchange Lists Updates
Recommendations for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, and Fats
Diabetes Prevention Program Study

Stevia Sweeteners & Diabetes
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Carbohydrate Sugar & Diabetes
Diabetic Grocery Shopping

Criteria for Pre-Diabetes updated
What are the symptoms of Pre-Diabetes?
Newly diagnosed w/ Pre-Diabetes... where do I start?
Pre-Diabetic Diet Link
What are Pre-Diabetes lifestyle changes?
Prediabetes Menus

Profile for Diabetes

Diabetic Recipes List

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Support Group Highlights:
A1c & fever
Can you reverse diabetes?
Carb counting, trans fats, Blue Bunny ice cream
Dealing with diabetes denial
Diabetic Rebellion
Dr. wants me to take Glucophage
Frozen shoulder
Glucophage experiences
Insulin shot question
Introduction from Christine
Late night & morning blood sugar
Pre-diabetes lifestyle changes?
Skinny Cows Strawberry Shortcake
Somewhat in denial
Sugar is a carbohydrate, link to Blue Bunny
Sugar level 200-220... help!

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Diabetes heart disease risk factors
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Diabetes pre-diabetes
Diabetes recently diagnosed
Diabetes sick days
Diabetes sweeteners 101
Diabetes symptoms quiz
Diabetes treatment for diabetes
Diabetes will I always have diabetes?
Diabetes how did I get Type 2 diabetes?
Weight loss - how I lost 30 pounds and kept the weight off
Weight loss - how to lose weight

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Weekly Diabetic Menus
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New Research
Diabetes Study - Benefits of Tight Blood Sugar Control
Study shows exercise extends life for those with diabetes
Minimum carbohydrate recommendations
Diabetes risks indicated by the ADA
Latest diabetes statistics (e.g. 49% take oral medications)
Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) study
Recommendations for blood sugar, blood pressure, and fats
Exchange lists updated
Pre-Diabetes criteria updated
Net carbs - healthy or hype?
Diabetes exercise update
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